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The Education Market Isn't Sexy

Have you ever felt like the education sector was the wallflower at the business party? Why we don't have countless of digital tools offered to us? They say there's no money in education, but is that the real story?

As we all know, other fairly bureaucratic fields, like law and medicine, enjoy a thriving market -full of innovation, business and growth. So it’s not the bureaucracy, yet, companies don’t seem eager to make our lives easier.

The tech goodies they do offer? targeted at students, parents, or institutions, not educators. The market isn't catering to our needs, as evidenced by the frustrations we often face. Ever felt overwhelmed with numerous "I forgot my password" or "My battery died" issues?

Exactly. Those tech tools aren’t our friends and clearly aren't designed with us in mind. Why? Because we haven’t voiced our needs.

How do we get heard? We speak the language everyone understands – money. And when we do, magic happens. Suddenly, we're the cool kid everyone wants to hang out with.

We have the power to make the market serve us better. And don't worry—the tools we want will match our resources—just like in any market, as demand ignites competition.

Educators have the power and the responsibility to shape the education market. We buy, they build. They bring us real value, we show them the money. Companies will want to build for us, and we'll have more chances for fulfillment and social prestige.

Let's make the business world work for us. Remember, we're the life of the party; There is no education without us.

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