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Say goodbye to the days of tedious planning and hello to instant inspiration. Our magical tool transforms your teaching goals and classroom needs into vibrant lesson plans in the blink of an eye - covering all grades and thousands of topics.



Create personalized quizzes & exams effortlessly with ZOZO – simply share your unique assessment style, and watch the magic happen! From multiple-choice to essay questions, ZOZO has you covered. Elevate your teaching game and save time with our seamless exam creation process.



ZOZO analyzes students' handwritten responses and delivers instant scores and feedback. Yes, you read it right – gone are the  days of sleepless nights, welcome efficiency! ZOZO, your digital ally, is built to help you focus on what truly matters – nurturing your students' growth without sacrificing your personal time.

We operates within a secure and controlled environment, prioritizing users privacy and data protection. Student's personal information isn't required for you to utilize our product.

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